Great historical importance of Varanasi and its Good connection from other major towns making Varanasi as very good spot for medical tourism and attracting tourists from worldwide locations.
Multiple factors making booming dental tourism in Varanasi and true example is at best dentist in Varanasi where everyday new  foreign national is coming for treatment and refereeing to other in their home nation.

Today received guests from England, She loves India and Varanasi in particular that she has her Indian name called Nitya Sandhaya Nandan and visit Varanasi often and got treated by Dr Amar Anupam  at Oral and Dental Care Varanasi .
Major dental treatment were given by performing various procedures of  Tooth splinting, Composite Restoration etc.. and she is very much delighted with service she got and expressed here feeling by giving thumbs-up 🙂



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Visit from England